Book a ride into space on a high tech balloon with a Michelin star meal for just $37,000

Traveling to space can now be taken off the list of impossibilities. Adventure travelers who can’t possibly afford flight on the Virgin Galactic to travel amidst celebrities, can now book a trip to space for a few hours for £25,000 (approx. $37,200). Alternatively, you can opt to travel in a pod for six – four passengers and two pilots, inclusive of dinner for £95,000 (approx. $141,650). Thanks to Spanish company – Zero2Infinity. The six-seater pod has been rightly christened “ëblooní” and will be ready to take flight by 2015. Targeting couples and families with its new venture, Zero2Infinity grants you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit space, experience weightlessness for 30 seconds, see the sun and stars at the same time, as well look down on the curvature of the earth.

All this can be viewed from the pod’s 15 square meters windows. A spokesperson from Zero2Infinity says, “’Everything is customized to the person’s individual requirements. We can partition off part of the cabin for those who want more privacy, and we can even serve them Michelin star meals if that’s what they want.”

Space Balloon

Space Balloon



[Via – Dailymail]

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