Boswell’s Harley-Davidson Music City

The Hudson Group in collaboration with Boswell’s Harley-Davidson has opened a cool new store at Nashville International Airport. This is in tone with the 105th anniversary of the bike making giants. These stores will feature only genuine Harley-Davidson and Boswell’s products. Here’s what Hudson Group president and CEO Joseph DiDomizio had to say. “We are delighted to be working with Harley-Davidson and are looking forward to further developing the relationship. Boswell’s is the most recent store to be opened in the airport since our joint venture team won the contract to revitalize the airport’s retail program. In the past year, we have brought to the airport great national brands and regional concepts that have the whole town talking.” So that’s all the talk of the goodies that they have showered on the airport. A few good bikes here and there wouldn’t cause anyone any harm.

This Nashville International Airport store can be a great place to find some of the best products with the Harley Davidson tag on it. Here’s where all the wannabe Hell’s Angels should be headed for more accessories.

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