British Airways designs opposite facing Lounge seats

British Airways has proposed a change in the designs for the seating of their economy, premium economy and business class seats, whereby making them more spacious and comfortable.

British Airways in house lead designer Peter Cooke has redesigned the seats ensuring more personal space and easy communication between companions making the in flight experience an unforgettable one.

The economy seats will have a new reclining feature and have private screens on each head-rest. To allow more space in the premium economy the proposal has been put forth for alternative forward facing seats. This will make it easy for travellers travelling together to communicate. Not too far behind, business class will be upgraded where family cabins would allow travellers to request seats that face each other. The private cabin space means that family members or travel companions can be seated comfortably across one adjoining center table rather being restricted to a tray table.

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With the competition within airlines to provide the best service possible to their travellers, they are constantly looking to upgrade their facilities. British Airways now awaits the nod for its new proposed designs to make air travel more pleasurable and comfortable.

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