British Airways reduces hand luggage allowance to get punctual

British Airways haven’t always been in the limelight for the wonderful things they do; they are more infamous than famous. It’s because they seem to have a knack for the sine wave – up, down, up, down kind of game plan. It could be because they have exhausted their creative powers over the years – how many impossible missions can Tom Cruise do really? A graphic card would burst if they tried to get a 50-year someone to play hopscotch on Burj Khalifa. So, British Airways had been kind to passengers so far allowing them a luxury many airlines have stripped off their patrons, like tighten hand luggage. BA has finally come at par with their peers and have reduced the size of hand luggage.

British Airways reduces hand luggage allowance 2
Their reason? Apparently all the heavy hand luggage they have been allowing their passengers has been giving them a reputation as a late latif. So in order to save flights from being delayed regularly, this new rule will begin by the mid of this month. That is passengers will be limited to personal bags no bigger than 40x30x15cm – compared with the current maximum of 45x36x20cm. But please note – this is for one of the two bags allowed as hand luggage. While one bag can continue in the initial size and weight up to 23 kilos, the other must be a handbag or a smaller laptop bag.
British Airways reduces hand luggage allowance 3

[Via – Telegraph]

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