British Airways ropes in Hollywood stars for a funny pre-flight safety video

Let’s admit it! We don’t pay an inch of attention to pre-flight safety demonstrations, do we? This lack of courtesy that has also caused airlines to think of ways of pepping up boring in-flight instructions for years, but up to no good till now. In a similar endeavor, British airways recently unveiled a funny video that stars a string of celebrities doing a flight safety drill for us, and quite frankly, it has got us hooked from the word go!

YouTube video

Scripted to be funny yet essentially educative, the video opens with Chiwetel Ejiofor of 12 Years a Slave fame pretending to audition for a role that requires sound ‘safety demonstration skills’. The 6.06-minute video is held together by comedian Asim Choudhary who can be seen taking digs at few celebrities including Jim Broadbent from Hot Fuzz. Other stars appearing in the screening include: Warwick Davis (explaining how to use oxygen masks alongside McKellen), Rob Brydon (discussing how to inflate a life vest), celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay (detailing how to stow a bag under the seat in front) and Rowan Atkinson (who appears at the very end and seamlessly steals the show via Mr Bean’s powerful yet silent tactics).

The video also shows the stars endorsing Flying Start – a charity dedicated to raising money for children in need around the world, for British airways. The super fun instructional video has certainly managed to catch our attention and hopefully it will do just that for all the passengers onboard the English airlines! It is scheduled to air on British Airways services from September 1.


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