Cavalli Club opens to fans in Dubai this winter!

Designer Cavalli is brimming with pride and understandably so. He has been immortalized in the form of Cavalli Club built inside the Fairmont Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road where you will see glam fashion types and dazzling models paying homage. Offering Dubai-dwellers a complete Cavalli lifestyle experience, the 25,000-square-foot club will comprise two floors dripping with Swarovski crystals and featuring stunning black quartz floors. Like everything else in Dubai this space too will be a shopper’s paradise as the venue will also feature a space that showcases Cavalli watches, jewelry, and accessories. So you can don a new avatar after every hour and live up to your fashionista tag.

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There is a lot in store for the gastronomes too, at the bar will be Cavalli-branded, too, including its vodka and wine and a restaurant serving for those who want to line their stomach before a late-night drinking session. So if you’re living in Dubai you know where to party this winter.

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