Take a look inside the most luxurious private jet

Here to change the way you think of air travel is Embraer’s Skyacht One. Embraer’s Flagship Lineage 1000E was chosen to be the canvas for this decadent experience that is supposed to give travelers the feeling of being in a luxury yacht. Designed by Eddie Sotto of SottoStudios, this palace in the sky includes a lavishly decorated chartroom, a conference room, a main cabin and a master suite with a bathroom.

The Chartroom entry is packed with cool details including a planetary clock embedded in a beautiful marquetry mural, a Fornasetti rug and custom hardware. Even the bulkhead walls are planked and pegged as they would be on a Yacht.
In the conference room you’ll find bejeweled controls from engraved brass, gold, silver and platinum, brass inlaid window bezels, mahogany paneling and vintage styled leather sunshades.
In the main cabin you can relax and unwind on the Chesterfield Sofa or make a drink at the Cocktail Bar. The windows are lined with brass, nickel and mahogany while the controls are made from Platinum. The tabletops and valances are upholstered with stingray leather.
The master suite is a true haven with padded suede and Macassar interiors. Luxurious details include the silk Cellarius Carpeting, Armillary Sphere on the “secret” door and a flat screen TV.
This might one of the fanciest bathrooms you’ve ever seen with its bejeweled “throttle” inspired faucet and a walnut and gold sink. The walls are made from matte teak and mahogany while an edge lit mirror and adjustable spotlighting bathe the space in soft light. You can’t miss the stunning green Malachite countertops and shower.

With a starting price of $83 million, the Skyacht is officially the most luxe ride ever.

[ Via : Skyachtone ]

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