Check out the 9 coolest movie theaters in the world

#4 Floating Cinema, London, United Kingdom
Thanks to The Floating Cinema: a bonafide water vessel, you can watch your favorite flick projected from a boat on the river. The ‘floating cinema’ will spend its summer travelling from East to West London. The “Extra-International” season riverside will screen foreign movies like Balance and Resistance and The Old Thieves. That’s not all, either: unique waterway tours on board the vessel will take place and feature prominent journalists and authors, who will talk about their London, and how their lives have been affected by the waters.

#3 Hot Tub Cinema, Screened Globally
Since the fascinating concept has evolved into a global pop up event, everyone gets a piece of the delicious cake. Screening films across Manchester, New York, Bristol, London, Birmingham and Ibiza, the Hot Tub Cinema has had three strong summer seasons on both sides of the Atlantic. You turn up with all the usual gear for lying about at the beach, get assigned a tub, and sit in it for the duration of the film. You can book a private tub – and split it between up to six people and get pampered with a private butler!

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#2 Open Air, Vienna, Austria
“Cinema under the Stars” as they call it, is set against a magnificent backdrop of the Karlskirche Church in Vienna. The backdrop of the church goes one step further in order to guarantee an enjoyable evening at the cinema. Inviting movie-goers during summer months of June & July, this open-air cinema on Karlsplatz is admission free. This year’s program concentrates on films from Austria that deal with end-time scenarios and rampage, all under the motto “Every man for himself!”

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#1 St. George OpenAir Cinema, Sydney, Australia
Slated to return to the Sydney night scene somewhere around January 2016, the St. George OpenAir Cinema is my personal favorite for a first date. From your allocated seats in the stadium you can watch the screen rise up over the water, with the Opera House and Bridge as your backdrop. The 2016 line-up is still under wraps, but this past season included previews of mega hits like Birdman and Whiplash. A handful of tickets are available at the door for each showing, but most of the 2,000+ nightly movie goers buy tickets in advance or splurge on VIP packages that let you reserve grandstand seating and tables for dinner.