Check out the Galini Sleeping Pods, the new -age self-sustaining beds in California’s Walden Monterey

Up until now, Nick Jekogian – founder of California’s 609- acre coastal community called Walden Monterey, was inviting guests to come and experience a sustainable way of countryside living by putting them up in portable homes at his property. His genius has now led to the development of the Galinini Sleeping pods, a unit of perfect natural homes for those willing to buy a piece of his sprawling enclave.

Not just a mobile home, the Galini pods are an exciting space for a balanced countryside living. These self-sustaining houses are 300 square feet in size and can be moved around anywhere with ease. They are further powered by solar panels, wind turbines, and Tesla batteries and cost around $250,000 each. With a skin developed by 3D-printing company Branch Technology, each of these unbelievable homes feature a strong shell made from carbon fiber, a recycled aluminum base that holds them off the ground, and a compression system that works to draw water in from the atmosphere to provide the occupants with a comfortable water supply.

The pods are currently made off site and are being represented as “the next generation of construction technology.” Being 97 percent material efficient, the Galini homes are a fitting answer to green and sustainable living in today’s day and age. Well, we’d give every buck away to live here for the rest of our lives. What about you?


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