Check out this $124 million bicycle path around an Italian lake might be the world’s most beautiful bike route

Northern Italy is home to the nation’s beautiful Lake Garda, a spot that’s already regarded highly for its stunning natural splendor. The region is already a big draw for dedicated cyclists interested in the Transalp mountain bike race, but now a new bike path promises to lure in even more bike riders in search of dramatic views. The path is already being called the world’s most scenic bike route!

The new bike path will circle the lake and connect the three regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Trento. The 2.6-meter-wide path will be known as Garda by Bike.

The wooden bike path will be protected by an iron railing which gives it the look of a balcony and offers visitors uninterrupted views of the lake itself as well as the surrounding mountains, and the small hamlets on the lakeshore. This $124 million project is expected to boost local tourism.

The 87 mile long bike path promises to cater to novice and experienced cyclists. Some uphill parts of the track might be challenging, but you can skip these parts by taking a boat connection.

The path will be open to pedestrians too, so bucketlist a romantic evening walk along the lake! Viewpoints and refreshment booths are expected to be added at a later date, after the path is complete.

Unfortunately the complete path won’t be ready until 2021, but our motto is “It’s never too early to plan your vacations!” Part of the track has already been constructed and a small strip near Limone Sul Garda will be open to the public this summer.


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