Check out this ancient military bunker in Shanghai that is now refurbished into a wine museum

What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of a Military Shelter? Damp, dark and dungeon-like? Well, to be honest these are the most obvious adjectives that can be associated with the former. While you may think that allying any form of beauty with an 80-year-old Army bunker is out of question, a china based design firm by the name of Shanghai Godolphin clears differs with their ideology in this regard. In their quest for creating beautiful aesthetics even in the most bizarre spaces, the firm recently refurbished a military bunker into a full blown winery and spirits museum.

The free standing bunker was initially built by Chan Kai Shek, an ex-leader of the republic of china, inside the Chenshan mountain cave over 80 years ago. Back then, the site served as a safe keeping place that was used to store national treasures during war and was also occasionally used to stock up artillery and anti-aircraft machine guns. The bunker in its current state is transformed into a luxurious space that is decorated with the help of rippling installations made using repurposed wine crates.

Further along, one can also see contemporary chandeliers illuminating the hallway alongside a private cellar area cum wine tasting room that opens via a set of heavy metal doors. Inside this intimate space, one can see a centralized marble table, adorned beautifully by suspended candles and wooden wall panels. A mirror in the ceiling also provides eclectic visual perceptions of the wine display that are worth seeing. Can a wine tasting experience get any better than this? We highly doubt it!


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