Check out this one of a-kind floating hotel and spa in Sweden

While there are a number of ways to spend the holiday season, most of them are tried, tested and commercialized beyond likable limits. For those amongst us who are always on a lookout for something fun, unique and adventurous, here’s a piece of information curated just for enthusiastic spirits like yourself. Here to offer a very offbeat experience to travelers in Sweden is an exclusive hotel that is built on the Swedish Lapland.

The very classy hotel is designed to float atop the Luke river in Summers and freeze in its place as the temperatures drop to ice-cold levels in the winter. Called ‘The Artic Bath Hotel and Spa’, the property offers yet another unique feature in the form of a bath that sits right in the center of the circular complex. It is heated to an icy four degrees for those daring to dip into the Swedish waters, while on a break. For others, the hotel offers a lounge area with decks that are perfect for gazing at the Northern lights, along with spas and saunas for the ultimate relaxing experience.

The Cool hotel comprises of six minimalistic cabins, each of which are created out of logs that float or stand still depending on the season. The property is a result of a collaboration between Off the Travel and the design firm behind the famed Treehotel in the country. Those willing to ‘chill out’ should certainly plan a visit to the amusing Artic Bath hotel and Spa in Sweden onward 2018!


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