The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong offers personalized menu at the world’s highest Chef’s Table

Talk about heights of dining. Yes, the Executive Chef at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, Peter Find, has literally and figuratively taken the private dining experience to new heights with his new offering, the Chef’s Table adventure. Located on the 102nd floor at 420 meters above sea level, the Chef’s Table is a private dining room that features a separate sofa area and a breathtaking view of the harbor. Boasting an open kitchen that offers a front-row view for the guests, this dining area, with its soft lighting and rich burgundy red furniture and fittings, offers the ultimate private dining experience.

Offering the most personalized experience, the guests dining in the Chef’s Table will be treated to a completely customized menu that the chef and his team will create after consulting with them. The personalized menu can be of eight to twelve courses. In an interactive dining experience, the chef and his team will only attend to these special guests on a special evening and explain the cooking method and ingredients used to make each dish that is served. What is more, the chef and his team will also answer any questions that the guests might have. The chef will also recommend the best wines that you can have with your personalized meal.
This exclusive dining experience is available for a maximum of eight guests with a minimum spending requirement of HK$ 14,000 + 10% (HK$ 1,750 + 10% per person) i.e. $1,805 +10% ($225 +10% per person). If you too wish to experience this new height of private dining, then you had better make your reservations right away.

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