Chic and eco-friendly – Air France has launched new amenity kits that are made from 93 percent recycled material.

Vanity doesn’t need to come at the price of the environment, and proving so is Air France. The marquee has recently launched eco-friendly amenity kits that are made using 93% recycled material. The new editions will be available for business class and premium economy users.

As stated by the marquee, the move is a part of ‘its everyday actions to reduce the use of single-use plastic onboard its flights whenever possible.” The kits feature sustainable elements, including a toothbrush and pen made from cornstarch, Earplugs packaged in kraft paper rather than plastic, and a tamper-evident seal rather than plastic packaging around the kit.

Further, the earplugs are packaged in kraft paper to eliminate the use of plastic, with the kit also featuring a soft sleep mask, socks, toothpaste, and Clarins cosmetics to match customer demands. On the outside, the package (available in navy blue and grey) features the brand’s historic winged seahorse emblem.

Customers traveling in premium economy cabins will also receive similar content in a dark blue kit featuring a sportier look. In furthering its sustainable practices, Air-France has stated that headsets on flights will now be systematically cleaned and disinfected to eliminate single-use headphone protectors and their packaging offered previously.

Commenting on it, Air France, in a statement, said, “By offering ever more eco-friendly comfort kits, Air France is pursuing its everyday actions to reduce the use of single-use plastic on board its flights whenever possible.” Available to be collected and taken home, the comfort kits are truly an ode to the environmental action that our planet needs!

[Via: Business Traveller]

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