China does it again, launches the world’s fastest driverless bullet train

China is probably ahead of us all when it comes to technology. And in proving so, the country recently launched the globe’s very first driverless bullet train into action. Yes, you read that right! Introduced in time for the 2022 winter Olympics, the Jing-Zhang high-speed railway, as it is called, will connect Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou and run at a mind-boggling speed of 350km-per-hour!

The smart bullet train took four years to build and is measured at 174 kilometers with 10 stops. It features carriages with 5G signals, wireless charging docks, and intelligent lighting, along with a storage system that has been designed specially to meet the needs of athletes. The train is fitted with ample storage areas for winter sports gear, a high-tech “2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Express” to broadcast the games live, and removable seats for athletes/ passengers traveling with wheelchairs during the 2022 Winter Paralympics.

If this weren’t all, the smart train would be further be accompanied by AI-powered robots at the station to help passengers with directions, luggage, and facial recognition check-ins. China’s Jing-Zhang high-speed railway is expected to bring out increased efficiency for the commuters, promote China’s winter sports, and also boost the country’s overall economy. If you wish to travel onboard the world’s first driverless bullet train, a visit to China is what you need next!

(Via – NY Joy Online)

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