Chinese bus company educates drivers to avoid crashing into supercars

Given our love for luxury supercars, our heart weeps every time we hear of an accident involving any of these beauties on wheels. Thus, when we heard of this latest endeavor to protect supercars in China, we could not help but appreciate their efforts. A bus company is making efforts to educate its drivers to avoid crashing into a supercar to save itself from being responsible for paying the damage. Whatever the reason, we still appreciate any effort being made towards protecting the supercars. The bus company in the great city of Jinghua in Zhejiang Province has decided to educate its drivers on supercars with posters like the one in the first picture.

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The posters are hung all around the bus company’s office and aim at warning the bus drivers to be extra careful every time a supercar approaches. The drivers were also called in a meeting and educated like little children on the financial dangers of crashing into supercars.
We decipher the interesting poster for you here:
The most expensive, top left, is SCC which, according to the poster, sells for 50 million Yuan in China, or 7.9 million USD. The other numbers seem about right with 5 million for the Maybach (5.4 for the 57), 5 million for a Lamborghini (4.9 for the Gallardo), and 2 million for the Maserati (2.44 for the GT).
Porsche, one of the most expensive supercars, manages to not feature in this unique poster. It looks like the bus company itself might need some education on supercars, don’t you agree?
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