Chinese city to boast of world’s largest mechanical clock

Making the iconic Big Ben clock look minuscule is the gigantic mechanical clock currently being installed at Ganzhou city’s Harmony Tower. When installed, this clock will become the largest mechanical clock of its kind in the world. The clocks weigh a whopping 10 tonnes, with its faces measuring 13 meters in diameter and the minute hand measuring 7.8 meters long. The enormous clock that is sure to become a landmark in this Chinese city results from years of expertise combined with racing car technology. However, the clock was not made on Chinese soil. The clock was made in England by the family firm Smith of Derby. The £1m ($1.4 million) clock required new technology as well as historical expertise, which this firm, with its 150 years of experience, could provide. Staff from Smith have traveled to Ganzhou to install it in the 113-meter tower.

Yantai, a 95-year-old Chinese firm, produced the four giant clock faces. The movement is made from hardened steel with bronze finishing and brass and gold-plated components. Visitors at the tower can view the watch’s movement courtesy of a visitor’s gallery. The enormous timepiece is accurate within 30 seconds a month, uses GPS technology to correct itself, and comes with a 100-year guarantee. This mechanical wonder will be unveiled to the world at the end of the month while the tower will open to the public next year. An ambitious project, it will definitely attract several tourists to this Chinese city.

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