Cirrus introduces special edition SR22 five-seat aircraft named ‘Australis’

Cirrus Aircraft has launched a special edition version of the 5th generation SR22 aircraft specifically tailored to Australian conditions. Dubbed the Australis, the new aircraft was flown into Australia last Wednesday and took centre stage on the Cirrus stand at Avalon. The outback is known for its severe conditions and the machinery need to be more robust and have special features to operate there without breaking down. Thoughtfully designed and configured for the Australian market, the Australis is tailored specifically to the climate, conditions and remote area flight operations that pilots in Australia regularly experience.

The “Australis” edition of the propeller aircraft comes with air conditioning, windows treated to block UV rays, a four-person survival bag, personal locator beacon, claw tie-down system and two years of AvPlan flight support. “At Cirrus we take pride in first listening to our customers and then incorporating that input and feedback into the design of the airplane. When we do, we don’t just deliver an airplane, but instead a lasting aviation experience that exceeds our owners’ and operators’ expectations,” said Todd Simmons, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer of Cirrus Aircraft. “Australis is the latest example of our unique approach. This Special Edition aircraft provides Australian aviators with an exclusive aircraft solution that is fine-tuned to their operating environment and just stunning on the apron.”

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The special edition turboprop also has a custom two-tone paint exterior and down-under accent color options based on the country’s hues. The Australian Flag’s Southern Cross is featured inside and outside the plane. The Cirrus Australis SR22 is priced at about $600,000 for the standard version and $634,000 for the premium package.

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