Comcast’s 10 mn pixel video wall: Can you ask anything more?

This astonishingly brilliant video wall built by Barco is present in the lobby of Comcast Center in Philadelphia. It is acclaimed as the largest four-millimeter LED screen in the world. It is controlled from a too-large-to-be-true control room that houses 27,000 GB of data, six LED digitizers three matrix pro routers, and seven video processors. Now I’m really thinking about how this one can stay off being a Guinness record. Imagine a wall with 10 million pixels that have a resolution that’s 5 times the resolution of a regular HD-TV.

The screen measures 83.3 x 25.4 feet and costs $22,000,000 to design. Try to fathom it and you cannot. Even with all the videos and images one would need the real experience of seeing it in person to understand what it has to offer.

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