Complete with a full costume and training – Thai Airways is offering a chance to become a flight attendant on a fake flight for one day

Thai Airways may be battling bankruptcy amid the pandemic, but not without trying its might best to recover costs! The international carrier is now inviting people to become a flight attendant for a day at $92! Yes, you read that right! (It is indeed you who needs to pay the airways and not the other way around!)

The offer is available as part of the airline’s “Be Our Guest Be Our Crew” program which allows travel enthusiasts or just about anyone to live the life of a flight attendant for a day. For starters, the exclusive package includes a four-hour crash course (by Thai Flight Training Academy) on becoming a cabin crew for the carrier. Trainees get to wear the official Thai Airways uniforms and get their hair and make-up done accordingly. They also get a chance to serve guests and carry on duties in an actual cabin set-up (a mockup of an Airbus A380), much like regular flight attendants.

Enrolled members are also required to greet passengers, conduct safety demos, and serve food to business class passengers. As a plus, they get to bring along one friend or family member who will be provided meals on the house! Want to play ‘Flight Attendant’ with Thai Airways for a day?

[Via: Mothership]

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