Control the Millennium Falcon and chill with aliens – New photos of Disney Star Wars park unveiled

We jumped with joy when we heard that Disney would be bringing the otherworldly experiences from the Star Wars franchisee to their theme park. Some attractions are up and ready to impress fanboys of all age groups (albeit as CGI visualizations). Who other than Han Solo could open these experiences up to us?

The entire idea of stepping into a complete setting that is custom-crafted to make each Star Wars fan feel like they are in the middle of all the intra-galactic day-to-day activities, without the need of a gas mask. Work is on in full-swing with a 14-acre expansion at Disneyland, California and Walt Disney World, Florida. It will be a few years coming but we’re soon going to get used to seeing more snapshots from this magical world that isn’t really far, far away.

Our favorite pick is the Millennium Falcon and the idea of maneuvering the galaxy’s fastest spacecraft. If that isn’t thrilling enough you could casually stroll into a close-to-actual battle between the rebels and the Empire. Just make sure that some stray shots from the Stormtroopers doesn’t hit you. You could also socialize with some rather curious looking aliens and dine among them. I think we spotted Jabba’s den as well.

For now we have just these illustrations.

[ Via : Inhabitat ]

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