Coronavirus insurance: This Vietnamese airline will pay you $8470 if you catch Covid-19 after flying with them

While world leaders are urging everyone to stay indoors and practice self-quarantine, one airline is almost encouraging customers to fly with them. So confident are they in their plan that Vietnamese airline Vietjet has launched an insurance policy named “SKY COVID CARE” that allows passengers to claim up to 200 million Vietnamese dongs (around $8,470) if they are infected with the virus while traveling on one of its flights. Sounds totally crazy right? It can be exected of controversy-liking Vietjet as it has received flak and fine both due to their weird antics. Vietjet was fined 40 million dongs (around $1,700) by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam after it hosted a bikini show on one of its planes. The ‘SKY COVID CARE’ plan won’t cover anyone who has already tested positive for the virus or has breached any regulations such as travel bans or recommended quarantine as well as those with epilepsy or mental illness are also ineligible.

To make a claim, passengers must provide proof that they’ve tested positive for coronavirus (subject to a test approved by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam) and evidence they were treated at a hospital or at authorized medical camps located in the territory of Vietnam. Guess they will have to find customers with similar levels of crazy to avail of this almost life-threatening offer. Meanwhile, we still urge people to stay indoors and stay safe.

[Via: CNN]

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