Dance, drink and party your way through the city in St. Petersburg’s BarBus

Everyone loves a good party! And it seems that the party happy youth in St. Petersburg are taking their celebrations to the streets in a cool new way. Alexander Berest’s BarBus Maxi is literally a party on wheels, with a nightclub like interior and stocked bar. Once a standard public transport bus, it now hosts young people looking to explore the city and enjoy nightlife in an unorthodox way. The BarBus allows revelers to dance, drink and let loose as it cruises through the streets of St. Petersburg.

booze-bus-2Berest’s BarBus features a dance floor, fully stocked bar, TV screens and even a dancing pole for those inclined along with leather sofas, a smoke machine, air conditioners, a mirrored ceiling and a full DJ mixer to provide the ultimate nightclub experience. Party Buses have been around for a while but Berest’s Bus might be one of the first to permit alcohol, so we imagine this will certainly be a hit with the younger crowd even though joyrides in this party machine are expensive, at close to $175 for a 4 hour ride on weekends.

booze-bus-3It took Berest a year and a half to plan and execute the venture, but with the BarBus rapidly gaining popularity in the city, his efforts have more than paid off. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely a cool way to get a tour of the city.

[Via – Dailymail]

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