Delta and Alessi team up for making In-flight cocktails more glamourous

Here to brighten up that holiday spirit right from the moment you board their flight is leading American Airlines – Delta that very recently collaborated with Alessi: The Italian Factory of Design for creating an in-flight cutlery line that is rich, classy and custom built for ease of use while flying. The association is formed in consideration of the growing number of design conscious travelers that regularly fly with the airline.

As per Lisa Bauer, Delta’s VP of onboard services, the airline aims to make people feel like they are in their favorite restaurant while on-board. The mid-air collection boasts of a whole new line of custom glassware, plates, utensils, and other service items, adding up to a total of 86 new pieces. Within the novel assemblage, one can spot a number of clever creations such as an asymmetrical coffee saucer meant to hold an amaretto cookie, the hexagonal napkin ring that won’t roll off a tray table, and the tip-proof ceramic teapot that will certainly make eating and drinking in midair more enjoyable.

Delta has plans to add close to nine million individual service pieces to the system in the time to come with the sole aim of making flying a more dignified experience for all. While our absolute favorite is the small wine carafe by Stefano Giovannoni and the heart-shaped dessert spoon by Miriam Mirri, you can pick your own beloved from the fabulous Alessi assortment. Time to book yourself a ticket with Delta, eh?


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