Discover Amsterdam with a local, with KLM’s new meetup program

In a move to make flying or travelling friendlier, Dutch carrier KLM has launched a “Layover With a Local” program for their flyers from the US, Canada and Italy when flying via Amsterdam. The Dutch-airline isn’t the first to offer its passengers an insight of their home country. Last year Icelandair’s Hekla Aurora gave their passengers the opportunity to experience the Northern Lights while on board, with the help of state-of-the-art LED lighting system and soft Icelandic music.

The new initiative allows KLM travelers, with layovers of six hours or more at Schiphol airport, to spend some time discovering the city with a local as your guide. Nothing nasty there! Travelers 18 or older have to register using the ‘Layover With a Local’ app, which will be available to download from March 1, and schedule their Amsterdam meet-ups between March 22 and May 31. Passengers will have to create a profile which will be matched with the local guide by the app. The passenger will have the choice to reject the app’s first suggestion, and will be offered another match.

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According to Michael van den Brande, strategist at Dutch agency Achtung, the campaign has been designed to help KLM strengthen their relationship with their long-haul passengers.

“The local recruitment campaign is focused on groups that have an intrinsic motivation to meet up with a traveler,” he says. “For example, we’re targeting language students so they can practice their Italian with a native speaker. And we’re tapping into the expat community because we feel like they might enjoy showing their new home to someone from their home country. The app facilitates this matchmaking by linking people with similar languages and interests.”

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Passengers will have to make their way to the Amsterdam Central Station to meet their local guide – the cost of which will be covered by the airline. KLM will also pay for the first round of drinks between the two new friends. The new program is currently under testing to see how people respond and ensure no risks to their passengers given it is an unsupervised setting.
The new program is a natural progression from KLM’s earlier initiatives like “Meet and Seat” which invited flyers to share their personal information via social media and find out about their fellow passengers, before boarding the flights.

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