Dual Citizenship: Traveling During The Times of Covid

Covid redefined the travel dynamics worldwide. Gone are the days where millions of people took their time off to travel, irrespective of the weather conditions. Many have skipped global trotting last year and following the same this year as well.

Having said that, not everyone is following the trend of remote working or staying at home. As a matter of fact, celebrities with dual citizenship are getting out of their homes to enjoy some time with their friends and family. Many of them chartered a private jet and explored the countries’ beaches (that were empty now).

Who can forget the steamy photos of the models, Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid, off the coast of an island in Italy? They are not alone. Many celebrities like Brad Pitt, Kylie Jenner, and others are enjoying their time off in France. But how are they able to do it amidst so many restrictions?

Before that, let’s focus on the travelers’ pain points during the pandemic.

How is Covid Making it Tough For Travelers?
Did you know that the European Union remained closed to many U.S. travelers without any announcement of when things will change? Many were denied entry because of the rising number of cases.

Many were unable even to visit the neighboring states, forget about international traveling. It’s because every government organization still warns against non-essential travel. Sometimes, they were denied entry, even when it was “work-related.”

But that was not always the case! Having dual citizenship is acting as a breather for many travelers who wish to visit other countries for business or work-related reasons.

How? Keep reading, and you’ll find out.

Travel Benefits With a Dual Citizenship
Dual citizenship is helping in many ways since the coronavirus outbreak has made it impossible for many citizens to travel. With this, they can travel where others can’t. It is because there are exemptions to the restrictions for qualified workers.

In fact, many celebrities like rapper Drake went to Barbados using a custom jet. Air charters, villas are growing in popularity because of the travel restrictions. You can’t miss the 40th birthday celebration of Kim Kardashian when she went to a private island.

C’mon, they are celebrities. Not everyone can afford a private jet or private villa. Right? So, here’s how dual citizenship comes across as a solution.

Visa-free access
Every country follows a set of rules or guidelines when it comes to visas. In fact, having a U.S. passport allows you to gain visa-free access to around 186 countries. But since the pandemic hit the world’s most powerful country, things have gone haywire. But with people having a second passport, things get better.

For instance, you can travel to any country that comes under European Union if you have access to an Italian passport. To know more about visa-free access, you can check the passport comparison tool and find out where you can exactly travel using your passport.

Although you might still be subject to quarantine, you can easily plan your work or travel schedule accordingly.

Stay Longer Without Interruptions
Going to another country is easier, as stated above. But if you are going to travel using the standard visa guidelines, you have to leave the place when the visa expires. Plus, if you have to extend your stay, you have to get into a plethora of paperwork.

With a dual passport, you can navigate these challenges and can stay in a country for longer. You can work remotely or plan your long trips without any interference. For instance, if you have an E.U. passport, you can stay in an E.U. member country for longer periods.

It is quite beneficial if you have to travel for work-related reasons and have no idea when you can close things.

Expedited Access to your Home Country or Others
If you are traveling in Europe, you can use automated passport controls at almost every airport using an Italian passport. It’s like a digital checkpoint that allows you to ignore the waiting times. This is quite beneficial if you have to make frequent trips.

This is especially quite beneficial in these pandemic situations where you can’t be denied entry if you hold a passport of that country. So, if you are an American dual-citizen living in Italy, you won’t be denied entry to your home country. Isn’t that sigh of relief?

Enhanced Protection
There is yet another benefit of having dual citizenship. It is that you claim consular protection from either of your countries. The same holds significance within the countries included in the European Union as well.

This is quite beneficial if something goes wrong when visiting a country. For instance, a natural disaster or a coronavirus outbreak in your nearby area. They will provide you with all the help you require.

Why Should You Make Use of Dual Citizenship Amidst The Covid Scare?
Since there are no chances that the pandemic is coming to an end in the foreseeable future, you must consider planning for a trip that’s within your safety considerations. In fact, research surveys confirm that even if you start planning a trip, it will improve your empathy, energy, and focus.

Isn’t that great? After all, this is what you need when everything is turning monotonous.

But how to get dual citizenship?
Before understanding the “how’s,” let’s decode the “where” first. It’s like if you prepare even the most apt application if you miss the right place, all your efforts will turn into a waste. For instance, you can apply for dual citizenship for Italy by sending your application to either of the places mentioned below.

.Italian Municipality
.Italian Court
.Italian Consulate

Tip- If you are not residing in Italy, you can send your application to the Consulate for further processing.

Now that you are aware of the places where you can apply for your dual citizenship, the next step is how to apply for a dual passport.

By Descent
You will quickly get dual citizenship through your paternal line with no limit to the generations. However, if you wish to avail through your maternal line, the individual must be born after Jan1, 1948.

Other than this, you can apply for citizenship by descent if you qualify the following criteria.

.If your father was a resident of Italy when you were born.
.Your mother lived as a citizen of Italy when you were born.
.Your paternal grandfather or maternal grandfather were Italian citizens when your father or mother was born.

Not only this, additional documents that make you eligible for citizenship include:

.Your Italian ancestor was very much living when Italian unification took place around Match, 1861.
.If your relatives were born in regions like Veneto and others, you’d have to find documents that prove they were no longer residing in Italy after June 16, 1920.

By Marriage
This is quite simple, but people often find it challenging since they are unaware of the rules. So, if you wish to apply for Italian citizenship through marriage, you won’t get citizenship right at that moment. You will have to wait for a few years before you are entrusted with citizenship.

For example, if you reside in Italy for two years from your marriage date, or if you complete three years of marriage if living abroad, you can easily avail of this benefit. The time required might reduce by 50% if the couple has children under 18 years of age. Hiring qualified attorneys might help you navigate the challenges of the application process easier.

By Investment
This is yet another way where foreign citizens can easily immigrate to Italy. The country runs a program called “golden visa for Italy.” Here the people residing in non-EU countries interested in settling in Italy by virtue of investment can opt for this program.

But for this, you must qualify the following requirements.

.You must be 18 years old at the time of application.
.You must not have any criminal records.
.You must invest around half a million euros in a company which is a part of an innovative field or in an Italian company as stated by the government.
.You must invest approx. 2 million euros in bonds approved or issued by the Italian government.

Tip: Whatever choice you make, ensure that you hire the right person to help you with the process.

To conclude –
What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of the word “travel?” Relaxing time, meeting new people, sun-soaked beach spots, and so on. Even the thought of all this enhances your mental well-being.

Understandably, leisure travel might not be something you might be thinking about right now unless you are into the entertainment business. But why lose the opportunity to travel and work at the same time when you can easily do that with dual citizenship?

So, use this opportunity to expand your career or business, and travel simultaneously by applying for a dual passport. However, experts suggest consulting the right people to get things done in a streamlined way.