Dubai Fountain is world’s tallest and most expensive fountain

Dubai is setting new records with its architectural wonders. Besides being the land with the tallest building and the tallest arch bridge in the world, Dubai is also the home of the world’s tallest fountain. You might remember we had told you about this fountain when it was in initial developmental stage. Well, this fountain has finally turned into a reality. Named, the Dubai Fountain, it is situated next to the world’s tallest building (aka Burj Dubai). The fountain which was recently finished by the Burj Dubai is a spectacle for one and all. The tall fountain can scale heights of up to 452 feet in the air and was built for $217 million by WET Design. Prepare to be awed by the 900-foot long water show that uses 6,600 lights, 50 colored projectors, and hundreds of servos. The entire spectacle is controlled via computers and is synchronized with the most amazing music to offer a viewing experience like never before. A must see sight, this fountain is sure to dazzle one and all.