Dubai launches new luxury metro, seeks passengers

Dubai’s leap into its long term aspiration of being the terrain of the most futuristic infrastructure is starting to take shape in bits and pieces. First we hear of the World’s biggest Racecourse to be built with a target opening date of 2010 Dubai World Cup, followed by the news of the World’s tallest arch bridge to be built in Dubai by 2012. Between those two ‘next-big-things’ Dubai managed to launch the world’s longest automated metro system in the world equipped with luxury compartments that offer Wi-Fi and air-conditioning. Some analysts have speculated that the metro will be rendered derelict as Dubai’s car-centric population is far too complacent, to switch over to a new mode of transportation.

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Nevertheless, the world’s largest driverless train could help ease Dubai’s legendary traffic as it’s is easy transport for expatriates and tourists. The Metro could work as a good alternative solution when the ‘fuel of the car runs out’. A couple of young people when surveyed by BBC exclaimed that they were very excited to ride the train. It seemed like the new automated metro was the only missing portrait in the museum of Dubai’s infrastructure.

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