Dubai to have the world’s tallest arch bridge by 2012

The collection of artificial islands, a.k.a. World, is just a tiny step towards Dubai’s dream of being the land with the most futuristic infrastructure. By 2012 Dubai is all set to take a big leap by constructing an arch bridge – but not just any arch bridge; this arch bridge is touted to be the tallest in the world! New York’s architecture firm Fxfowle has been selected to turn this dream into a reality. The architects have gone all out and have envisioned the unique features for this arch bridge. Measuring one mile long and 670 feet tall, this bridge will have 12 lanes for traffic with a metro line running across the middle! Once complete, the bridge is expected to carry more than 2,000 vehicles per hour in each direction. This massive project is expected to cost a whopping $817 million and has already been approved by Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed.

Construction is scheduled to begin in March and the bridge is expected to be ready by 2012. I can just imagine what Dubai will plan once this bridge is ready.

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