Royal indeed – This Dutch King has been secretly flying KLM planes for two decade

While most ruling monarch from across the world would wish to own planes, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands dreams of flying one instead. Out beating the many luxurious sidekicks of the stately clan, the Dutch highness has been piloting aircrafts for over a decade and has worked in close association with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the national carrier of the Netherlands for years.

By taking his love for flying airplanes rather seriously, King Willem- Alexander usually performs a fortnightly piloting gig to pursue his dream. He also claims to give a hundred percent to his flying duties by fully detaching from the stressors of his kingly status on ground. In a loving declaration, he was also found quoting,” You have an aircraft, passengers, and crew. You have responsibility for them. You can’t take your problems from the ground into the skies. You can completely disengage and concentrate on something else. That, for me, is the most relaxing part of flying.”

As part of the big unveil, KLM also shared a photo of the King in the cockpit, with a caption- “This is your Royal Highness speaking.” So, if you wish to be flown around by thy majesty, booking yourself a pass with KLM airlines may be a good deal. However, your hopes of stealing a glimpse of the handsome pilot may fail owning to the strict requirements of maintaining anonymity around his status. Worth a try though, we say!


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