EasyJet changes flight course over a midair champagne cork mishap

It’s a great start to a great Mediterranean holiday. The bags are packed, houses locked, selfies done, FB posts updated – and we are finally leaving on the jet plane from dull and grey London, to fun and gay (the emotion, not orientation) Turkey… and pop goes the weasel. A delicate stewardess of easyJet may go down in history as the woman who popped the cork and got a flight to make an SOS landing. Early August, two excited passengers of easyJet, on holiday to Turkey, decided to toast start their holiday by asking for champagne. While they beamed in glee over the thought of all sunny fun they were going to enjoy, and perhaps the FB hits they would get on their vacation pictures, their little dream bubble gets burst when suddenly the oxygen masks fall to their lap. And soon after, the captain of the aircraft announces that they would be making a quick halt at Milan to fix the problem.

Seven hours later, the flight landed in Dalaman, Turkey and the bewildered passengers left the flight not knowing whether to laugh or cry. The stewardess, perhaps in haste or not wanting to get her freshly manicured nails tarnished, popped a bottle of champagne and the cork flew off and hit the ceiling panel making the masks to drop.

I wonder what happened to the bottle eventually, and if anyone finished it off. What good is a glass of settled champagne? Maybe the stewardess who popped the cork had it… I would have, had I been in her skin that trip.

[Via – Thedrinksbusiness]

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