Emirates announces plans for a bigger, better, railway-style First-Class Cabin

Over in the sunny Middle East, the race for bigger, better, personal and more expensive continues. The newest participant is Emirates, the world’s biggest airline, who have announced a new first-class cabin offering more privacy at “commercially viable” rates – unlike Etihad’s The Residences, we presume?
The new product is expected to be rolled out on the airline’s Airbus Group NV A380 planes followed by the Boeing Co. 777s. The airline wants to bring its passengers the ‘bedroom concept’ with an accent on privacy in their new first-class product, which is expected to be unveiled hopefully this year and at almost the same pricing as current cabins.

The Emirates’ product will be more like a railway, private cabin and will be installed on routes that have a high load factor in first class. First class cabins worldwide are seeing an overhaul with some carriers reducing their first-class offering or dropping it outright, while others like Etihad Airways’ are turning it into a travel experience in itself. Now to wait and watch which ‘railway-style cabin’ can be compared next to an Emirates first-class cabin!

[Via – The National]

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