Emirates the ‘worlds favorite airline’ draws criticism for charging advance seat selection fee

When you are selected as the best amongst your peers, a bit of humility would add to the charm. But instead, if you try to get your nose higher up in the air, you lose some brownie points. Like our friends at Emirates have done. After being the best airport in the world, a movie like this is not the best one – introducing a minimal charge on Economy seats booked in advance, prior at least 48 hours before departure. Those after, and for children 2 or below, go free.

That doesn’t cushion the blow. These charges are imposed on “special” and “saver” fares in Economy. For an airline that brings all sorts of goodies and pleasantries for its premium class members, it is squeezing out the fun and pleasure for its “cattle class”. Obviously, people are disappointed, and social media is full of this distasteful media. Who can blame them? Emirates, maybe its time you started paying some attention here.

[ Via : Thenational ]

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