At 17 hours and 15 mins Emirates to launch the longest flight from Dubai to Auckland

Swung it to the left, now swinging to the right. Emirates’ long hand of expansion has once again reached out afar and this time kiwi-wards. And surprise! It will be the world’s longest flight! March 2 onwards New Zealanders can rejoice non-stop flights to Auckland from Dubai as the airline launched its latest route. Reportedly Qatar Airways had the intention but seemingly Emirates jumped the gun. The Boeing 777-200LR flights will take 17 hours and 15 minutes. It will have will have three cabin classes – eight First Class suites, 42 lie-flat Business Class seats and 216 Economy Class seats. Passengers will board at 10.05AM Dubai time and reach Auckland the following day at 11.00AM local summer time. And return will be at 9.30PM reaching Dubai at 5.45AM local time.

This service is also available for those who have already booked an Australia sector – free of charge. This new route will be a great convenience for holiday-seekers who want to visit the lush landscapes of NZ, while in return more products can be brought into the Middle East. More opportunities for supermarkets to reap off benefits from shoppers luring them with fresher perishable goods. This route comes as a saving grace for Emirates as they struggle to keep their promise on launching THE ‘longest flight route’ – Dubai to Panama. The route had to be postponed from launching, well, today! They are waiting for sales to pick up. The competition is only getting more and more intense – Emirates, Qantas, Etihad, Qatar Airways – the GCC is currently juggling with these players and no one is ready or willing or humble to slow down. Qantas holds the current status of longest flights – Dallas to Sydney.

The good news is, Emirates is keeping up with technological progression and advancements. Soon enough 17 hours could get cut down to 7 hours and then 7 minutes. The future is here, people, the future is here.

[ Via : Emirates ]

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