Emirates woos fliers aboard A380 with Signature Shisha Rooms

Emirates is synonymous to luxury in air! The largest airline in the Middle East flies high by introducing premium services to deliver the ultimate flying experience. Back in 2008, it grabbed attention as the first commercial airline to offer mid-air hot shower facility to its first-class passengers. They were also applauded for offering the largest in-flight HD enabled display screens on their aircraft. The airline is also renowned to fly with one of the best first class and business class cabins. And it’s time to raise a toast for regular fliers of their A380 fleet as Emirates has announced plans to trial new shisha lounges from next month. Reserved for business and first-class passengers on several of its long-haul routes aboard A380, the new Signature Shisha Rooms will cater to premium customers with a traditional waterpipe aka hookah/shisha. Flyers will be able to pre-order a shisha from the onboard menu while at their seat and retire to the lounge after the main meal. And if all goes well with the trials, then Emirates hopes to have the shisha service operational across its entire fleet of A380s before 2014.

The airline also quoted that, “This new service will provide our Middle Eastern passengers with the sort of home comforts they’ve come to expect on our award-winning airline while presenting those flying to the Middle East for the first time with the opportunity to sample one of the true tastes of Arabia before they’ve even landed.”

[Via – Panarabiaenquirer]

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