Encounter close encounters with nature at the Icelandic Cliffside Retreat

Imagine waking up to the sun on your face, the blue sky beyond that, the deep sea below it and the sounds of crashing waves beneath you? This could sound plausible but we are talking in literal terms. If this particular design sees the light of day, then it is going to be one hell of an experience. Dangerously delicious, if you must. Architect Alex Hogrefe has come up with some 3D images of what he proposes would be nothing like anyone has seen ever – as the source writer says – ‘the most jaw-dropping retreat in the world’.

Icelandic Cliffside retreat (2)
The Iceland Cliffside Retreat overlooks a dangerously close horizon. It is spread across multiple floors and has columns of glass to let in all the light and some sun one would need – like OD-ing on D3. There is a lower terrace which will place you ‘at the edge of the world’. So basically, if you are suicidal and want to forget the idea, just imagine this place and you are sorted. It is like that Johnny Depp movie – the Secret Window where he gets these crazy dreams where he falls off a cliff into the sea? The very thought!
Icelandic Cliffside retreat (3)

Icelandic Cliffside retreat (4)

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