Enjoy a drive through Paris at midnight

Imagine a drive through the most romantic city in the world at midnight with your loved one. Nicolas Manac’h a very French guide and driver will guide you through the tiny lanes and by lanes of Paris on an unique tour. You can stop where your heart desires to take photographs at historical and romantic locations along the length and breadth of the city.

“Midnight in Paris on Wheels” City Tours offers a wide range of car rides in an original 1954 Citreon 2CV. This tour includes sightseeing and the romanticism of Paris with the roses and champagne and macaroons and food and music.

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How true it is that the best way to see Paris is through the eyes of a Parisian. With Nicholas driving you around, he will take you around the lesser known places in Paris along with the best tourist attractions that Paris is known for. Eiffel Tower, Montmatre, Le Louvre, Le Grand Palais, La Madeleine, Le Marais, Le Jardin du Luxembourg, Place de la Concorde, Le Trocadero, Les Champs Elysee and other monuments. With his knowledge of Paris he can also guide you to the cute little cafes on the sidewalks and to the fancy Michelin star restaurants that Paris is known for.

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Nicholas offers day tours as well as night tours, but Paris by night has its own charm and beauty.

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