Enjoy jaw-dropping views and bathe in a private waterfall at this luxurious vacation home in Brazil

When it comes to staycations, some go for the décor whereas some opt for stunning views. However, here to provide you a perfect amalgamation of both is an awe-inspiring property in South Africa that comes with a private waterfall! No, we’re kidding you not!

Located in the middle of the sprawling Atlantic Forest in Brazil, this uber-chic holiday home (christened as Casa Arco) is easily a traveler’s delight. It features two bedrooms and two baths and is ideal for a pack of six members. Each of the two bedrooms comes with plush oversized beds and minimalist furniture set atop the home’s dark wood floors whereas the home’s living room and kitchen space feature a cozy set-up with beanbag chairs on the floor and a wooden kitchen table sit-out.

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However, it’s the outdoors that outshine at this property with access to a natural pool and a private waterfall just around the corner. The home’s listing reads – “Take a dip in the secluded natural pool at this nature-inspired, architectural masterpiece in the forest’s heart…Pick bananas, look for monkeys, and watch blue butterflies fluttering by, too.”

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Casa Arco is currently open for bookings on Airbnb for prices starting at $170(approx.) per night. Well, a staycation for nature lovers sure can’t get better than this!

[Via: Travel + Leisure]