Escape to this luxurious private island via seaplane and limousine to celebrate good times

When you have lots of money can buy what matters the most to you without thinking twice. While you cannot really buy peace of mind, but you sure can ensure some relaxation when you finally find some quiet, peaceful times with your special someone! Imagine a perfect romantic setting with a Limousine waiting to pick you up, leading to a private flying jet if you are over sixteen years of age. You are flying south at over 300 feet over the South Beach Miami, gently sipping a Dom Perignon as you land at the Marathons Private Airport, Florida keys. A Cadillac Escalade awaits you to lead you onboard a custom cruise to a tropical private island (Cococmo, maybe!)

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The sun is setting on the horizon as you enjoy a wholesome dinner on white sands while you have tiki torches, fire pits, Key Deer, Sharks, Stingrays & Celebrity waterfront mansions for company. And just before you turn in for the night, you can set off exploring this dream-come-true. And at $6,800 per couple, the deal isn’t so bad after all. Some of the things money can buy are truly quite remarkable!

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