Europe is re-opening – From London to Barcelona here are the favourite spots to visit this Summer

It has been an interesting summer as far as figuring out travel plans go. Of course, the whole world has been temporarily shut down, but it seems as though things are finally beginning to open back up and the world is ready to travel again.

Have you been considering a summer trip to Europe? If so, we have compiled a list of the absolute must-see things on your European vacation. Even though the country was quarantined for a while, there are still plenty of things that you can do while avoiding the large crowds and germs that you might be worried about.

The biggest obstacle might actually be arranging your flights to and from Europe. Although things are beginning to open back up, the world is remaining skeptical of the safety of having a lot of people trapped in a small airplane. Perhaps this is smart, but it could be an obstacle. Be sure to check with the airline regarding any regulations and checks that you must be prepared for in order to board a plane with them.

1. Greece- The Islands:
All of the Greek islands actually make for an excellent summer vacation. In fact, these islands have virtually anything that you might imagine you should have when vacationing away. They have sandy beaches with gorgeous water, they have authentic Greek food which is to-die for, and most importantly you have the ability to keep to yourself when visiting a beach like you see
on the Greek islands.

If you choose to visit the city of Rhodes which is located on one of the Greek islands, then you can actually have the best of both worlds. You can stay in one of many highly rated hotels.

There is a ton of culture to explore within the city as well as fun things to do that will help you feel like you are getting the most out of your vacation. Further, you can also enjoy the beach and you can do all of this without wasting the entirety of your European vacation on one destination.

2. Interlaken, Switzerland:
This is a truly sporty place, so if you love to do outdoors activities, then this is truly an option that you should be looking into. This is actually the capital of sports in Europe according to official documents. You can skydive, you can rock climb, you can hike up incredible mountains.It seems as though the sky is the actual limit for the outdoors activities that you can experience if you visit Interlaken in Switzerland.

Of course, sports are not the only activity that you can do in Interlaken. You can see a ton of culture, try out swiss cheese. You can even check out some of the Europe’s top 5 casinos. There is a ton of culture to explore in Interlaken, even if you get caught up in some of the sporty fun that you can have in this area.

3. London:
If you are going to visit Europe, then you would actually be doing yourself a major injustice not to visit one of the most Iconic cities in the world. London is full of history, full of great food, and full of entertainment that is actually quite affordable if not completely free. You cannot visit Europe without making it to the city of London.

The only issue with visiting a major city such as London is that it does tend to be a bit more crowded than the rest of the world. However, you will be able to do a great deal in London, especially if you rent your own car. By renting your own car, you can avoid the major crowds that you would run into when using public transportation in a major city like London.

4. The Canary Islands:
The Canary Islands, specifically Fuerteventura, is a Spanish island that was once an active volcano. It is now completely safe to inhabit and it is one of Europe’s most well-kept secrets. You can visit Fuerteventura without running into too many tourists because not too many
people bother to put this Spanish gem on their travel list.

There is plenty of food that you need to try out on this Island. It also has a unique culture to it that is different than much of the rest of Europe. In addition, there are a ton of unique outdoor activities that you can try out during your visit.

5. Amsterdam:
Amsterdam is one of the most epic experiences that everyone should be allowed to experience at least once in their life. Known for its raunchy night life and less than conservative laws, Amsterdam is not a city that you want to visit with your young children. However, it is somewhere that everyone should get to experience when they reach the age where participating is legal.

Although Amsterdam is known as a party scene, it can be quite the cultural and historical experience. There is a ton of gorgeous architecture in the city and there are plenty of historical facts and events to learn about while you are there. For the tourist, this city is the perfect blend of fun and a little bit of character.

6. Barcelona:
Last on our list is the quaint and well-known city of Barcelona. Barcelona is a city that is filled with beauty, culture, and amazing food. Barcelona is actually a city that makes a good one-day trip because it connects easily with transportation to plenty of the other European cities that you also might want to visit.

Finding a place to visit in Europe is easy. The hard part about planning a trip to Europe is deciding which cities are not going to make the cut while you plan your vacation. Do your best to choose areas where you can easily keep your distance during this uncertain time. However, planning a trip to Europe is probably ideal while there are far fewer tourists than usual.