Europe’s Zero-G aircraft to go commercial with $7,770 tickets per head

Europeans no longer need to fly to the US or Russia to enjoy a Zero-G flight experience. Come March 15th, and Europe’s “Zero-G” aircraft will start making commercial flights for paying customers. The Zero-G experience, which was until now restricted to trainee space explorers and scientists, can now be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. The Airbus 300 will fly parabolas and offer around 30 seconds of Zero-G experience at the top of each loop!

The commercial Zero-G flight duration will be around two and a half hours, with passengers acquiring a total of five minutes of weightlessness, floating in a big padded cabin. France’s National Centre for Space Studies (CNES), which operates the specially adapted plane with the firm Novespace announced that three flights are scheduled for 2013, each having the capacity to carry 40 passengers.
The European Zero-G experience can be enjoyed for 5,980 euros ($7,770) per person.

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