Fancy a cocktail up in the sky? Here are the Top 3 In-Flight airline bars you have to see

In the early days of commercial flights, passengers had more legroom, better service, and flying to their destination was an experience in itself. Over time, that legroom gradually disappeared, and flying became a frequent part of many peoples’ lives.

Thankfully, that seems to be changing! Flying is experienced again, and airlines from all over the world have begun thinking of ways to make getting to your destination more comfortable and enjoyable. Part of this has been developing in-flight bars for first-class passengers that offer exactly the kind of luxurious experience passengers need to relax.

If you’re planning a long journey and you want to fly in luxury, you absolutely must check out the following three in-flight bars. And, you can find great deals online for flights to experience these bars for yourself! They’re amazing!

Qatar Airways
When Qatar Airways set out to create an in-flight bar, they aimed to create a space that replicated a regular bar as much as possible. It wasn’t focused on people standing around a bar but instead was designed to have long, snaking sofas that line the sides of the plane, with circular tables and even some booths.

The fully-stocked bar can rival many land-based venues, and it even offers Krug champagne. If you’re looking for luxury, Qatar Airways certainly offers it.

You’ll find the lounge towards the back of the plane, and you’ll find more than just comfy seats and champagne. Snacks and food are available, and even AC power sockets so you can sit down and get some work done on your laptop.

Emirates took a slightly different approach to Qatar Airways, but that doesn’t make the bar less attractive. In fact, it offers the same level of luxury, just with more standing room. The bar features couches on either side of the plane walls and a circular cocktail bar where you can perch, relax and chat with fellow passengers.

Business and first-class passengers can access the bar, and it’s open as soon as the seatbelt light is switched off. It is tended throughout the duration of the flight, too, which isn’t true of all in-flight bars.

It is located at the back of the upper deck on Emirates A380 aircraft, it offers a variety of snacks and cocktails, and Wi-Fi is also available in case you want to check in on social media or do some work.

Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic’s “Upper Class” comes with a lot of benefits. Special lounges, chauffeur services, and even self-contained pods onboard your flight to relax while you fly. The A350 Upper-Class suite also offers a loft bar that has been improved in recent years. The bar offers increased seating with three separate booths where groups can gather and relax over drinks and cocktails.

There are even screens and Bluetooth headphone connectivity, so you can escape your luxurious pod (or bed!) and socialize in a warmly lit bar area in the sky.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you can afford the experience, why not go for it? Flying is experiencing again, and these three bars are the best you can buy!