Feel light with your love this Valentine’s Day onboard the G FORCE ONE

Valentine’s Day is a celebration for the purest of emotion’s and that is love. You don’t want anything weighing on your mind on a day like that now, do you? So the event management and luxury concierge company Pure Entertainment Group has come up with a novel plan to ‘lighten up’ your spirits! The romantic couples in Los Angeles and Las Vegas can enjoy a weightless Valentine’s Day celebration onboard G FORCE ONE a Boeing 727-200 aircraft specially modified by the Zero Gravity Corporation.

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The flight is very real and not a simulation, the flight has the capabilities to enjoy weights equivalent to those on Mars (1/3-gravity), the moon (1/6-gravity) and zero gravity. Add luxury accommodations at either the City of Angels or Sin City along with romantic dinners at posh restaurants, suite accommodations, a professional photo sessions and voila!, you have the perfect V-Day set up! Pricing for a couple begins at $14,500.

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