Feel light with your love this Valentine’s Day onboard the G FORCE ONE

Valentine’s Day is a celebration for the purest of emotion’s and that is love. You don’t want anything weighing on your mind on a day like that now, do you? So the event management and luxury concierge company Pure Entertainment Group has come up with a novel plan to ‘lighten up’ your spirits! The romantic couples in Los Angeles and Las Vegas can enjoy a weightless Valentine’s Day celebration onboard G FORCE ONE a Boeing 727-200 aircraft specially modified by the Zero Gravity Corporation.

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The flight is authentic and not a simulation; the flight can enjoy weights equivalent to those on Mars (1/3-gravity), the moon (1/6-gravity), and zero gravity. Add luxury accommodations at either the City of Angels or Sin City along with romantic dinners at posh restaurants, suite accommodations, professional photo sessions, and voila!, you have the perfect V-Day set up! Pricing for a couple begins at $14,500.

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