Finnish themed selfies? Yoga at the airport? What will Helsinki Airport plan next?!

If long waits at the airport drive you up the wall, you’ll be excited to learn that Helsinki airport has some cool activities planned for their visitors. TravelLab – a new initiative by Helsinki Airport and Finavia allows bored travelers to experience the best of Finland in new and interesting ways and aims to make the best of long hours spent at the airport. So travelers have much more to look forward to at the airport than just Duty Free shopping! TravelLab is the first project of its kind in the world.

Among the experiences that TravelLab offers are Yoga and Pilates classes, a traditional Finnish Midsummer festival, Finnish-themed backdrop for souvenir selfies, “Taste of Finland” pop up restaurants and a crash-course to Finnish coffee culture. We love the idea of taking selfies with scenic backdrops and the catchy hashtag #selfiefromHEL! And sign us up for stretches and sun salutes! TravelLab offers the opportunity to learn yoga in their “Kainuu” space near gate 30 which offers stunning views of planes taking off and landing on the runways. The newly opened Kainuu is an airy and light filled space complete with soft, dark green carpets that create an effect of a mossy forest floor and smooth natural stone floors as well as quirky lounge seats covered with traditional woven rugs.

With activities like Finnish Midsummer celebration and an opportunity to sample Finnish coffee culture in TravelLab’s Gate Roastery coming up in future weeks, we can’t help but be excited for the future of TravelLab and hope that other airports around the world take up similarly exciting initiatives! We’ll be waiting for the day when we can practice Yoga at LAX and experience 4th of July celebrations at JFK airport!

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