First class lounges are passe’ – Los Angeles airport now has a Four Seasons suite

LAX is no doubt one of the busiest airports in the world and the slew of celebrities traipsing in and out have no doubt longed for a VIP option that lets them skip the many lines and crowds. Well, now they can have it. LAX is home to the Private Suite, a premium VIP terminal that allows guests to relax and await their flight without the stress and hassle that usually accompanies air travel. Now the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora and Four Seasons Resorts Hawaii have partnered with the Private Suite to provide their guests with a bespoke Private Suite experience.

Guests of the Private Suite already have a head start on other travelers since they enter LAX through a special gate. After this they are welcomed into a compound where they can work or relax while all travel and baggage needs are handled by The Private Suite. Guests enjoy private TSA screening, on-site customs and immigration processing, the comfort of their own suite and the convenience of direct transportation across the tarmac to their aircraft in BMW 7-Series sedans – streamlining the typical LAX experience with privacy, comfort and personalized service at every turn.

Each suite boasts its own bathroom, food-service pantry, a two-person daybed and a view of aircraft landing and taking off. Thanks to the new partnership, guests of Four Seasons will have their personal preferences relayed to The Private Suite, ensuring a seamless experience from the moment they arrive at the airport to the moment they step into the resort. Information about the guest’s stay, concierge recommendations and resort collateral will be available in the suite. The Private Suite also offers arrival services for guests with a layover or for those who prefer to depart the airport in privacy.

Here are a few other perks that the Four Seasons is offering their guests:

– Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora is offering complimentary use of The Private Suite to guests of its two and three-bedroom Beachfront Villa Estates, its inclusive waterside accommodations, on stays of seven nights or more.

– Guests of Four Seasons Resort Maui will enjoy a one-day complimentary well-appointed poolside cabana at the adults’ only Serenity Pool, an infinity edge pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean with views of the Maui Mountains and Lanai.

– At Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, a one-day complimentary Couples’ Nest at Palm Grove, the Resort’s adults only pool, provides guests the comforts of a Four Seasons guest room outdoors and is personalised to include fully stocked mini bar, mattress choices, and menu of exclusive spa services and gourmet bites

– Four Seasons Resort Lanai offers guests a one-day complimentary private Sanctuary nestled in the pool gardens and including plush couches, lounge chairs and a variety of experiences.

– A one day complimentary luxury cabana at Four Seasons Resort Oahu overlooks the Adult Pool with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean in the background, and includes indoor and outdoor relaxation spaces.

The experience is priced at USD 3,500 and can accommodate up to three guests, and includes a 12-month membership to The Private Suite.

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