Fly around in a luxurious Jet that is no less than a mid-air 5-star Hotel

If in-flight services have had you grumpy more often than not, here’s your chance to reverse that and all the other terrible flying experiences you’ve been a part of, provided you have an approximate $ 74,000 to spare. Thanks to China’s Deer Jet – a unit of fast-growing conglomerate HNA Group, travelling via air can now be a delightful and uber-luxurious endeavor for all. The aviation brand has recently launched the advanced 787 Dreamliner that truly is no less than a 5-star Hotel perched on clouds!

The exclusive VVIP Deer Jet in its remodeled avatar opens off with a foyer leading you down a narrow hallway, with another extending to a plush sitting lounge and a master suite. While the Jet comes minus any Gold embellishments or ‘over the top’ touches, it manages to spell class with its moderate yet tastefully done interiors. Like a cherry on the icing, the master bedroom includes a luxe king-sized bed, a 42-inch TV, an en suite bathroom with double vanity and an enormous white tiled shower with 60 minutes’ worth of hot water! Furthermore, the jet also accommodates the quintessential business class seats at the back, each of which promise to be a delight for your backside!

The VVIP Deer Jet boasts of a 9,800-nautical mile range and is promised to be flown around only by the very best pilots from across the globe. While the jet in its entirety can cost anywhere between $80 million to $150 million, a seat on board the luxe Dreamliner comes for a total of $74,000. Another Deer Jet is also said to be in the making which will arrive in the first half of 2018.


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