Flying Emirates Business Class may get cheaper – New special class comes without any extra frills

What would you do if had to catch a flight in a jiffy without wanting to sit scrummed in economy class? While paying for a full business class ticket in this scenario would hardly make sense – given that you wouldn’t have time to enjoy all its perks, settling for the economy would also mean a sad compromise. Providing you a mid-way is Emirates that recently introduced a special category fare for business class passengers.

The new ‘basic’ business class ticket includes unbundled business class seats, devoid of special requests such as lounge access or prior seat selection. This typically means that those traveling on the reduced ‘special’ fares will not have entree to the business class lounges – a favored priority for most paying the full amount, and nor will they have the privilege of choosing their preferred seats before check-in opens (online and otherwise). The novel fares also exclude chauffeur service, meaning you will have to arrive and depart from the airport at your own accord.

Despite its restrictions, the special business class fares are a great addition for those willing to enjoy the in-flight comforts without needing any of the extra perks. Currently, the slashed business class rates swing between $80-$110 USD (depending on the destination) and are only being offered on select routes such as Dubai to Newark and Dubai to Los Angeles. For a novel add such as this though, Emirates surely deserves an applaud!


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