For $43,000 you can use a private jet to tour college campuses for junior

You are amongst the lucky ones if you don’t have to worry about how your college fees are going to be paid. You are really very lucky if you are amongst those that can afford to take the services offered by this private jet company to take you on your college visit tour within a span of 10 hours for $43,500.

This is an insane amount of money and is almost $15,000 more than the fees at a private university and almost $21,200 more than the fees at a state public college.

Magellen Jets came up with this offer of selling ten hour jet card to relieve the stress of visiting numerous colleges before you zero in on one. Colleges are situated far and wide and since private jets can fly into smaller airports, you can often land close to the college campus. With this offer you can definitely visit a lot more schools on your list in a day than you can whilst driving around. Since this offer has started 18 people have purchased them and managed to see about 3-4 colleges in a day. If you are unable to visit all the colleges you wish to within 10 hours you can buy additional jet cards for 10 more hours.

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The company organizes a detailed itinerary for you based on the colleges you wish to visit, they will set up a car service to take you to and from the airport to the campus. If time permits they also organize a trip into the town with local chauffeurs who can tell them more about the surroundings.

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After each visit, Magellen gives the clients note pads from each college for them to make their notes. The company will then condense and compile all the notes that sum up their reaction about the college. Once the client chooses the school, Magellen sends them a gift basket full of the school’s branded goodies.

This offer is available only from March 25th till June 30th.

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