France is the most expensive holiday destination

If you can afford to live in luxury in some of the most expensive cities in the world, then you definitely would have no qualms about vacationing in some of the world’s most expensive holiday destinations. A survey conducted by flight comparison website Skyscanner aims to show you the world’s most expensive as well as cheapest holiday destinations. The results of the survey have been arrived by comparing the cost of paying for various typical items including a coffee, a beer, a meal, accommodation in a Marriott hotel and hiring a car from Avis in 30 different countries. After taking all these factors into consideration, the survey has placed France as the most expensive holiday destination.

But if flight fares are included then Japan reign’s the roost of the world’s most expensive holiday spots while France comes in at third. The cheapest holiday spots include Cyprus followed by Greece and South Africa. Even with the inclusion of flight fares, Greece and Cyprus are still the cheapest followed by Morocco.
The survey is extremely interesting as it listed the UK consumers’ perception of the most expensive and cheapest holiday spots along with the real rankings of the nations. The surprise in the list has to be Dubai, which many perceived to be one of the most expensive destinations but according to the research it is placed at 12th position when it comes to most expensive holiday destinations (excluding flights) and on the 14th position including flights.
The survey highlights the importance of considering hidden costs as well as extra costs instead of going by assumptions when it comes to selecting your holiday destination. To have a look at the entire list click here.

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