From bear stalked mountains to Alpine meadows – According to Lonely Planet these are top 10 European destinations for 2019

Europe has been a favored holiday destination across the world. From archaic architectural wonders to a pristine countryside – the continent consists all the right elements for travel and is thus gaining more and more tourist attraction with each passing year. To help you plan the perfect European vacation, Lonely Planet is back with a list of the top ten destinations in the country for the year 2019. With ‘offbeat’ being the trend, it is the lesser known gems of Slovenia, Spain and Iceland that win top spots with other breathtaking wonders following close suit.

On first position we have the bear-stalked mountains of High Tatras, picked for its alpine meadows and natural beauty. The range – the highest in the Carpathians, also features canyons, waterfalls, and lakes, and is said to be home to brown bears, lynxes, martens and wolves. Second on the list is the Spanish capital of Madrid that has gained attention for its infrastructural innovations such as sustainable living, bicycle lanes and wide footpaths. Sweeping onto the spot number three is the Arctic Coast Way in Iceland that also happens to be the country’s first official touring route to launch in June. Find below the exhaustive list to Lonely Planet’s top ten European destinations for 2019:

10 Istria, Croatia

9 Vevey, Switzerland

8 Liechtenstein

7 Lyons, France

6 Shetland, Scotland

5 Bari, Italy

4 Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

3 Arctic Coast Way, Iceland

2 Madrid, Spain

1 High Tatras, Slovakia

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